Owl Path

Integrative Healing Arts

In order to live harmoniously with the rest of creation, we must be willing to listen to and respect all of the harmonies that are moving around us.
Sherri Mitchell, Sacred Instructions: Indigenous Wisdom for Living Spirit-Based Change

About the Work

The healing arts offer an array of benefits. Many report experiencing relief, rejuvenation, a sense of calm and clarity, and a decrease in stress, anxiety, and depression, for example. People seek this work for many reasons, whether to transform thought patterns, express emotions, increase energy and creativity, access innate gifts and intuition, process past wounds, discover one’s purpose, gain interpersonal skills, and much more. The healing arts help to balance the mind, heart, body, and spirit, ultimately leading one toward empowerment, connection, and authenticity.


Sessions are uniquely tailored to each client, based on your interests, needs, and goals. We can integrate:

Energy Work / Reiki & Shamanic practices
Life coaching / Counseling
Nature-connection experiences
Expressive/creative arts
Mindfulness, Guided meditations, Breathwork
Herbalism & Gardening support
Land/Space healing

How it Works

You can choose from this list, or I can provide guidance on where to start, or we can collaborate on customizing your session(s) in a complimentary 10-minute consultation. You may wish to receive simply one of these offerings, or customize your experience by combining two or more.


For example, coaching can take place during a Reiki session and/or a guided walk on a nature trail, which can serve as a safer/braver space to express emotions and thoughts. Or, we may combine an art modality with a nature connection experience by accessing the creative and expressive aspects, which allows for cathartic release, insight, connection, and more. There are many possibilities--I am even happy to help you weed your garden during a coaching session!

If you are financially disenfranchised, please inquire about adjustable exchanges and bartering options.
All multicultural identities are honored and welcome -- all belief systems, ages, genders, abilities, races, ethnicities, nationalities, sexual orientations, etc.


Alfred, Maine

Kennebunkport, Maine

I can travel within 9 miles of either town, with an additional $1 per mile after the initial 9 miles, whether to your home or other location (i.e. cafe, conservation trails, beach). Distance sessions (via phone or Zoom) are discounted by $10.


45 Minute Session
$50-75 (sliding scale)
Any combination of offerings
60 Minute Session
$65-90 (sliding scale)
Any combination of offerings
90 Minute Session
$95-120 (sliding scale)
Any combination of offerings
Recommended for first session
Couples or Groups, add $10 up to 4 (includes couples and families, please inquire if more than 4 people)

Meg's Experience

While teaching music for eleven years, I began to walk the path of my own personal healing journey, surviving and thriving after several chronic illnesses and trauma.


I became a Reiki Master and teacher, completing all levels of traditional Usui Reiki training and a year-long apprenticeship with Stacey Gibbons and Levity Laughing Star. Additionally, I later went through all levels of Shamanic Reiki training at the Omega Institute and Evolving (EV1 & 2) teacher trainings with Stacey Gibbons and Llyn Roberts (www.ShamanicReikiWorldwide.com). I completed a Tuwa Vinyasa yoga teacher training with Earth & Sky Yoga, studied energy work and metaphysics with Noreen McDonald, and studied Herbalism with Jessica LaBrie (www.blackbirdsdaughter.com). I have tended gardens over the years, walked many forest paths, and have learned the greatest lessons from the Nature Beings with whom I’ve connected and befriended.


While working with children, adults, college students, and individuals/groups in various settings, my curiosity grew for how to integrate the various healing arts modalities. My passion for the creative arts and compassion for others led me to earn a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in Expressive Arts Therapy at Lesley University. I am a lifelong learner and am excited to incorporate this degree into the work.